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Where To Submit Your Music Demo For Christian Record Label Deals

How To Shop For A Christian Record Deal; Submit Music Demo or Audition Video to Christian Record Label A&R Talent Scouts Looking For New Artists for Record Deals  **All Music Styles Needed ( Top 40 / Hip Hop / R&B / Alternative / Rock ).  favorite this post Nov 21 

Submit Music Demo Recording or Audition Video and Get Heard by Major Christian Record Label A&R Talent Scouts for Record Deals;   favorite this post Nov 21  Artists Wanted; Musicians, Male / Female Singers, Rappers, Background Singers, Songwriters, Ghostwriters, Beat Makers, Producers, Composers, Church Musicians, Praise and Worship Leaders needed also Bassists, Lead, Acoustic,Guitarists, Drummers for signed artists and for touring with Major and Independent Christian Record Companies, Opening Acts Needed, Online Demo Submissions, Distribution Deals, Live shows, Paid Gigs, Open Casting Call Auditions, Recording Contracts - Please Sign Up At Website:
Submit Music Demos / Audition Videos Here

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